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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Newzbin2 film industry do not get paid

MPAA, the studios Christopher Elsworth, who with a Number of running the website Newzbin predecessor, Universal Studios, Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures, Disney and Columbia Pictures, most recently, David Harris case, Newzbin2 site, including the operator, the is represented. Com.

David Harris, the amount of copyright infringement was hoping to get by.

Newzbin2 UK website published on the Usenet binary files were indexed. About the site NZB binary file, the Internet users without any attempt to download files about the two parts of the Constitution of Usenet posts with a list of files in.Commercial and were protected by the copyright law.

accounts and accounts frozen Newzbin2, and cinema, which owns a McLaren car uses Harris and Company motors.

However, the studio wanted more. That he owned the business' assets and the assets of Harris claims the title will need. Film industry has claimed that he owned the copyright owners an income for their claimed copyright infringement.

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