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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Online Sims Delivery Launched By Telenor

On retail outlets when Simms has banned the sale, distribution Telenor Pakistan called the house "with SIM facility delivery service and an online booking new SIM Mobile number Portability (MNP) has announced.

By using this service, customers of Telenor Pakistan prepaid SIM feature of the Web site through service delivery and book online sim numbers without any additional cost or trouble on their doorstep can provide.

0345 Prime also includes new service code numbers to select their preferred option provides. With customers Telenor Pakistan helpline number to their favorite present for other users or 345 for Telenor customers can book by calling 111-345-100.

We believe that the customer is going door step "will allow.

All confirmed orders to customers within 24 hours will be provided with cash on delivery facility. No extra delivery charges are applicable to the sale and delivery service is available in 17 metro cities. Telenor Pakistan customers the same service port number in network and high-packages can use and benefit from services.

Details like name, national identity card, address, and other contact number will be required for online booking and delivery time, customer and for the national identity card distribution is the official copy of National Identity Card . To enable process will be the same by calling 789.

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