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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Windows For Android Tablet.

First step: Download Android SDK
To start, your site will need to install the Android SDK.: http://developer.android.com/ SDK / index.html
I'm actually the Android development of a working environment is set up with a whole story - an IDE like Eclipse you will need. But for now, we're concerned about tools subdirectory of the Asian Development Bank program.

Get ready for your phone
I need to set up your phone settings, go to your Settings application and then "Applications" settings for your development will see a section. You'll want debug mode, you want the phone to stay awake USB, and install apps from unknown sources in order to allow the'd like to. After this is all set, to be called via USB, and mount.
Are based emulator
We are using the DOSBOX - the many, many platforms have a hand emulator. Android-version is available here: http://androiddosbox.appspot.com/
On this page are instructions for installing DOSBOX. You will use mainly the Asian Development Bank apk file to your phone. It's easy, just tools directory and type "adb install" apk download zip file from your name on the side.
For example, Mac Terminal: / adb install ~ Desktop / / WVGA / aDosBox.apk (in this example, the Asian Development Bank's tools directory and zip file on your desktop pointing out 've been - called folder containing WVGA aDosBox. apk.
Next, we dosbox copy a configuration file needs to. "Push" and the file name and then after destination by using the Asian Development Bank. For example:. Asian Development Bank ~ / Desktop / / WVGA / dosbox.conf / sdcard / dosbox.conf push (formerly ADP, the push, the source, the destination)
You can use the phone as a file manager program if you like astronomy, or just use your computer - but on some shots you'd like to file dosbox.conf. First off, it gives additional memory. 8, 16mb - 3.1 is enough to run Windows or 9x. (Sorry, I hope you were not expecting Windows 7 here) autoexec.bat file section also includes an order form feel free to. Old skool users remember only the autoexec.bat batch file that runs at startup.
In addition, in the dosbox directory on the phone all the x86 stuff.
Well, when your phone DOSBOX DOS application that I should fire. You technically can have a walk and run them immediately, but
Final Thoughts


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