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Monday, 20 May 2013

Chinese forces break 3 months hacking Ends

After a time, China's People's Liberation Army is up to his old hacking method. Also: The 'gay marriage overturns, a Latvian teacher, a textbook for scanning and uploading is in trouble, an Australian minister is an unfortunate and Yahoo Japan, 22 million Facebook Log names out.

After a lull of three months, China's People's Liberation Army, the United States hacking attacks against companies and government agencies have resumed.

February ballyhooed report from the private security firm Mandiant, and the Pentagon, Unit 61398, despite complaints from the public, made famous by the PLA group, it is back to hacking methods.

Reduction targets into detail about some of the recent victims in the past Mandiant unit was attacked by 61398.

Obama administration officials volume Mandiant seen your report before February 60 moved from 70 per cent of the expected new attacks. Another security company, Crowdstrike, calling it, is confirmed attacks maintenance "business as usual."

No. Overturns Same-sex marriages

Tomodachi Collection: The New Marriage and children raised characters can not live the new life, sims available for Nintendo's 3DS handheld system like a videogame, as was the case before, is amended.

The latest game in the Sims franchise program are to allow same-sex marriage, as the game is Mass Effect.

Nintendo's growth streak was short-lived, indeed, Nintendo never intended for this to happen did not, and it was a bug. Conservative gay marriages precludes gamers can download the patch.

Tomodachi Collection women characters, for whatever reason, their lady counterparts Avatar was never allowed to marry.

Unfortunately, the Australian Minister

Peter Collier, Western Australian Minister for Education, a young boy showing his genitals exposed the Facebook like image.

Picture dates back to 2011 and Collier friends with on Facebook after her 16-year-old who had come from. Young recently tweeted about her yet been as widely unnoticed.

Collier said he exposed genitals notice about the accident "stupid" and "annoying" felt that the media did not.

Young apparently called "coward nuts" joke was included - Finally, a group photo, a man exposed himself to terrible secret shot.

The opposition called for an investigation, a spokesman said.

Upload Latvian teacher in trouble for Textbook


Jura's site allegedly received plaudits from the Ministry of Education, but the offense did not go unnoticed.

There was initially a matter of time in jail, while a meeting which sells for U.S. $ 4.00 for the book Jura, between legal authorities and copyright holders have to reach settlement.

Yahoo Japan hit by huge data breach

Log in Yahoo Japan for 22 million names have been compromised during a recent hacking attack that organized.

More than 20 million users a file containing details of the ID was taken during attacks.

Was attacked late last week.

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